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Why are organic, living foods essential in daily life?

Posted on February 14 2019

An introductory speech at the Living Green Festival, 2017, by Stella Ashton, Principles of Health, Canberra, ACT

Why are organic, living foods essential in daily life?

In recent history we have managed to drastically change the chemistry of the environment in which we live.

We all eat, breathe and live in these chemical pollutants through the interconnectedness of our environment, through our oceans, air currents etc.

Consider the food we eat, the environment we live in and combine that with the daily emotional stresses, it is not surprising that we accumulate spiritual and physical toxins.

Most of us will not escape the reality of worldwide pollution today.

This toxicity is always an underlying accompanying factor contributing to ill health.

One in three people, roughly, will experience some form of cancer today.

So what are the few, most far-reaching actions we can take to help change this?

Go organic and increase your intake of plant foods. Why?

  • When we eat raw/living plant foods we under-eat naturally and effortlessly, due to their nutrient density, especially if they are organic, living/raw plant foods.
  • When we eat organic plant foods our insulin response is more stable, due to the natural unprocessed sugars and starches of plant foods. Essential with the Diabetes epidemic.
  • When we eat organic plant foods we eat low on the food chain and drastically reduce our intake of pollutants. Animal products accumulate the most pollution in the food chain.
  • When we eat organic plant foods we reduce the poisoning of the earth, of ourselves as well as our animals by minimising our carbon footprint and hence preserving our precious environment for our children.
  • When eating organic plant foods, whether we know it or not, we elevate our consciousness.

Maybe we should recommend this to the Trumps of this world?

Live food cuisine shows and how to prepare living photon-rich, nutrient dense plant-based recipes to add to your existing diet.

New science

Healthy soils, prepared for growing organic and biodynamic food, produce plants with exceptional high energy fields and with their natural enzymes intact.

Orthodox science to date tends to fragment nutrition and does not research the whole picture of the science behind recommending living organic foods.

The reality of the complete energy pattern of plant food as an essential primary force in nutrition is not understood, let alone as the most important, vital aspect to research for its necessary positive effect on human health.

You are invited to join us in our 2019 raw food preparation classes exploring Live Food Cuisine through education and the experience of tasting prepared recipes and dishes.

Contact us at or phone 02 6295 6700 for details of future raw food demonstrations.


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