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Shop 8A Barker Street, Griffith ACT 2603 – 02 6295 6700



What do you sell?
We sell a wide range of organic fruit and vegetables, house-made organic raw food products, dried fruit and nuts and wheatgrass.

Where does the produce come from?
Comes from a variety of local farmers when in season. In addition, our produce is sourced from a total of 5 certified organic and biodynamic wholesalers based in Melbourne and Sydney.

How do I know it’s organic?
We have been a certified retailer of organic fruit and vegetables for the past 15 years. As part of the certification process Organic Energy undergoes regular inspections by certification bodies to ensure standards are being met. When you visit the shop or shop online the product will be marked as organic, biodynamic or conventional. Conventional produce refers to produce that has not undergone any certification process, however this produce is often local produce that is grown without sprays and will be marked as such.

Certified organic and biodynamic farms undergo a rigorous and continuous process of soil testing and inspections in order be approved. Achieving certification can take many years but results in the highest quality produce available.

Why is organic food more expensive than conventional food?
Organic and biodynamic produce is often more expensive than conventional produce because it reflects the true cost of food production, giving the farmers a fair price and not damaging the land with harsh chemicals. Go to our Why Eat Organic page for a full description of the benefits of organic food for you and the earth.


Are the raw products organic?
Wherever possible, the raw food products are made using organic ingredients (approximately 98% of the time). Please read the ingredients label of the individual products for more information.

Do the raw food products contain nuts?
Yes, many but not all products use nuts. Please read the ingredients list carefully.